Happy New Year!

Each new year offers growth and renewal opportunities. Reflect on past lessons, seek divine wisdom, welcome change, and acknowledge God's unchanging presence and grace in every season.


Life's seasons mix joy and challenges, teaching growth and resilience. Faith and God's love guide us, fostering spiritual strength and deeper understanding through each phase of life's journey.

The Night You Were Born

Reflects on the profound impact of Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection on faith. It emphasizes gratitude and the transformative nature of these events in personal belief and spiritual experience.

Obsession with Formulas

Discusses the human tendency to stick to familiar methods in church and ministry, advocating for embracing diverse contributions and respecting different forms of service in Christian community.


Reflects on suffering and injustice from a Christian perspective, drawing parallels to the biblical character Job, and emphasizing God's role as a comforter and advocate.

Your Life Beyond Time

Explores the concept of eternity and human experience in relation to the divine, contemplating the intersection of the infinite and finite, and the personal connection between the divine and individual.

Today I Walked By

This post reflects on the hidden stories behind houses and people. It contrasts outward appearances with potential internal struggles, ending with a spiritual call for Jesus.

Christmas in Heaven

Focuses on the significance of Jesus' birth, urging readers to recognize his teachings and sacrifice, and to appreciate his role in Christian faith beyond Christmas celebrations.


Challenges the idea of mediocrity in Christianity. Contrasts scientific principles with Christian beliefs in individual significance, encouraging believers to embrace their unique roles in God's plan.